Water Damage Photo Gallery

Team member extracting water.

Colorado Springs Water Removal

A water loss occurred on this commercial property in Colorado Springs, CO and our SERVPRO of North Central Colorado Springs team received a call shortly thereafter. We quickly responded and began the water removal and cleanup process to make the water damage seem "Like it never even happened."

Summer School Water Loss

This elementary school located in Colorado Springs, CO suffered a loss when a water line ruptured inside of the school. The highly skilled water restoration technicians at SERVPRO responded immediately and began placing drying equipment.   

Water Damage Restoration for Colorado Springs, CO

When you Colorado Springs home has seen a sewer back up or flood you will need to have a flood cut. The cut is made twelve inches above the water line that is left by sewage or flooding.

Flood cuts are part of water damage restoration!

Water heater leak in Monument, CO

Because of the home water heater's location, water heater leaks often go unnoticed for a while. Once they are noticed fast action is needed to prevent mold growth.

Should you face a water heater leak call SERVPRO of North Central Colorado Springs at (719) 266 0881 to dry your home fast and professional.  

Toilet supply line burst in El Paso County

A toilet supply line burst in this El Paso county home and soaked the entire home including this carpet and hard wood floor. By using the correct drying method SERVPRO of North Central Colorado Springs was able to partially safe the carpet.

Call SERVPRO of North Central Colorado Springs for your water damage mitigation needs at (719) 266-0881.

Toilet overflow in Colorado Springs

This home owner was in a hurry getting to work in the morning and did not notice that his toilet did not stop to running. By the time he got home his house was flooded from the main level down to the basement. Quick thinking he called SERVPRO of North Central Colorado Springs and we were able to dry his home out fast.

Should you be in this unfortunate situation call SERVPRO of North Central Colorado Springs at (719) 266-0881.

Leaking refrigerator supply line

One of the most likely sources of water damage is the refrigerator water supply line. This home owner never suspected his to start to leak. He was very happy to see how fast we were there to help. Should you encounter a leak, call SERVPRO of North Central Colorado Springs at (719) 266-0881.

Water Damage Ceiling

Ceiling falling down due to water damage, Colorado Springs CO

This home owner was surprised to find his ceiling falling down due to a water damage in the above level of the home. SERVPRO of North Central was able to help him fast and completely so his daily routine did not get interrupted significantly.

Ceiling Damage from Broken Water Pipe

Water damage in Colorado Springs, CO

While on vacation the supply line to a toilet broke and flooded the entire home from top to bottom. The owner couldn't believe how quickly we responded and started the cleaning and drying process. We make disasters "Like it never even happened."