Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Kitchen Mold

Mold Season is Here!

It’s that time of year again... The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and the smells of must and mold are returning to structures across the area. With the amount of moisture Colorado sees in the winter, mold is a very common problem for us. Mold like this picture is from a frozen pipe break that wasn't found until after the mold appeared.

Luckily the professionals at SERVPRO have the skills to contain and eliminate these mold spores. Our team is molds worst nightmare. Call us today for a free mold inspection for the month of July 2020.

Mold in bathroom vanity in Woodland Park, CO

It does not take much moister for mold to grow. In this bathroom vanity, hidden from the daily family activities, a slow leak and time was the perfect combination. If you come across microbial growth call your SERVPRO of North Central Colorado team at (719) 266-0881 to mitigate your mold growth properly. 

Mold in a Fountain, Colorado, rental property

SERVPRO of North Central Colorado Springs is assisting this home owner to remediate mold form their rental property. Should you encounter mold problems call SERVPRO of North Central Colorado Springs at (719) 266-0881.

Mold grow behind kitchen cabinet in Manitou Springs

The home owner was in the process to remodel the kitchen when they discovered mold behind the old kitchen cabinets. With the new cabinets arriving soon he called SERVPRO of North Central Colorado Springs to remediate the mold and get the area ready for the new cabinets.

Let us help you to get your kitchen ready for new cabinets by calling SERVPRO of North Central Colorado Springs at (719) 266-0881, serving El Paso county.

Mold in the attic can be a showstopper when selling your home here in El Paso county

Due to mold in the attic the home owner did not pass the home inspection when going through the selling process .  We were able to remediate the mold issue fast so that the sell could take place in time.

Call SERVPRO of North Central Colorado Springs with any mold issue you might encounter at (719) 266-0881.

Shipping Crate Mold Damage

Colorado Springs, shipping crate with mold growth

This is one of several moldy boxes/crates of a military personal household goods shipment. In the effort to save as much as possible we clean the contaminated items and return them to the service member to start their new home here in Colorado Springs.